Have you ever thought about the importance of your feet? While often overlooked, the health of your body rests on them!

If biomechanical problems occur here, the foundation of your body can become dysfunctional . . . and this can lead to all kinds of painful health issues. We offer a friendly and effective orthotics service that covers both prescription and non-prescription – feel free to contact us to book an appointment!

What Are Orthotics & How Can They Help Me?

What Are Orthotics?

Orthotics are prescription medical devices worn in shoes to assist with biomechanical foot issues and pain caused by common medical conditions like diabetes, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, and arthritis. They can correct problems such as how you walk, stand and move.

Prescription orthotics are custom made from foam casting 3D volumetric molds of your foot. They are covered by most extended health plans. Usually at least 80% coverage is achieved if the orthotic is prescribed as a medical necessity.

Common issues we assist our patients with include: Knee pain, hip pain, mid foot pain, lower back pain, achilles tendonitis, mortons neuroma, plantar fasciitis, shin splints and bunions

If you’re struggling with any of these, contact us today to book an appointment!
Orthotics Treatment Chilliwack

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Orthotics

Interested in getting orthotics, but not sure where to start – or if you even need them? We’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you!

How much do orthotics cost?

We charge $475 for custom insoles; this includes the cost of your biomechanical assessment. Most extended healthcare insurance policies will cover this cost for you!

How long do custom orthotics last?

Your custom orthotics should last between 3-5 years as they are designed to withstand heavy use.

However, we recommend coming back every 1-2 years for a checkup. This is because daily use can naturally wear down the support – plus, your foot’s needs may change over time.

Do I need a prescription for orthotics?

You don’t need a prescription for orthotics – if one is required, Dr. Gagnon will be able to issue a prescription for you.

If you already have a prescription, we can fulfil your treatment for you.

Any queries we missed? Feel free to contact us and ask!

Are orthotics covered under insurance?

Most insurance providers do offer coverage for orthotics. All plans in Canada differ, so we recommend checking your plan’s coverage first. We can always check this at the time of your appointment too.

Do you offer direct billing?

Yes! We are more than happy to bill directly to your insurance provider and keep your out-of-pocket costs down to a minimum. All you need to bring to your appointment are your insurance details; our friendly reception staff will do the rest.

Who can orthotics benefit?

Everybody can benefit from orthotics as good alignment from the bottom up is essential! Orthotics can assist with pressing issues, like knee pain, but are also a preventative measure.

We treat everybody from athletes wanting to improve their speed to older clients who use orthotics to manage pain in areas like the lower back.

What To Expect When You Visit Sardis Chiropractic For An Orthotics Consultation

We provide a fast, friendly and effective assessment and treatment package

When you arrive at our Chilliwack practice, we have plenty of patient parking out front. Our practice is also wheelchair accessible.

Normally, Dr. Gagnon will be right with you; however, we have a comfortable waiting room available.

Step 1 – Biomechanical Assessment and Consultation

The first step of any orthotics treatment is for us to conduct a biomechanical assessment to create the most effective treatment plan for you. This includes multiple steps such as:

Gait analysis – We complete a gait analysis to assess the way your body moves and detect any issues you may have in locomotion. Part of this also includes examining your lower limbs and reviewing their structure and alignments.

Foot exam -Biomechanical assessment of the foot itself for any abnormal motion or restrictions.

Foam impression – When creating custom orthotics, we will use a foam impression to get an accurate imprint of your feet. This makes it easy to build orthotics that are a perfect fit for you!

Posture screen – Checking body alignment for any inconsistencies that can play a role in altering the way we walk.

FAQ Orthotics Treatments
Orthotics Treatment Chilliwack

Step 2 – Treatment

Once you have been assessed, Dr. Gagnon will send your foam box impression to our supplier, Footmaxx. From here, they will use their cutting edge technology to build you fully customized orthotic inserts for your feet.

The standard turnaround time for receiving orthotics is 2 weeks.

From here, we will provide you with care instructions to ensure your new inserts are comfortable – and that they’ll last! After that, we recommend coming in for an annual check-up so that we can monitor any changes

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