6 Reasons to See a Chiropractor in 2024 for Pain Free Living

The world of chiropractic care has come a long way. With a mandatory four-year education, board exams and practice hours for aspiring chiropractors, the career is steeped in professionalism. The practice itself has become extremely popular, with roughly 5 million people seeing a chiropractor every year in Canada alone.

For many people experiencing pain or recovering from injuries such as from car accidents, chiropractic care is a welcome treatment that requires zero medication. When painkillers are out of the question, people are often in better hands with chiro.

But chiropractors treat much more than just neck or back pain. In this article, we’re going to highlight six reasons to go see a chiropractor:

Improve Your Range of Motion

athlete on the track

If you’re an athlete or someone who enjoys being physically active daily, your range of motion can be an inhibitor. Or maybe you’re noticing you just aren’t as flexible as you once were, no longer able to reach certain areas of your body. There are a variety of reasons we lose our range of motion, but sitting down for large portions of the day certainly isn’t helping.

That’s where a chiropractor can help. Improving flexibility and range of motion is one of the biggest reasons to see a chiro. They can test your range of motion, determine if anything is impeding your flexibility and offer techniques to avoid injury going forward.

Ease Your Pesky Respiratory Issues

helping woman with back

A lesser-known reason to visit a chiropractor is to improve respiratory function. Respiratory issues can occur for several reasons and can be sparked by neck or back pain, poor digestion, fatigue, headaches and more. But if you frequently find yourself short of breath or suffer from asthma symptoms, a chiropractor may be able to provide you some relief.

That’s because there’s a close relationship between spinal health and respiratory function. Gentle adjustments to your back and neck can potentially ease your breathing difficulties.

Get Your Chronic Pain Under Control

pain from sitting all day

Probably the biggest reason people visit a chiropractor is because they’re dealing with pain from a car accident or sports injury. Maybe you’ve tweaked your neck, injured your back doing physical activity, or years of bad posture are finally catching up to you.

Chiropractors can be extremely effective at treating the source of pain in your back and neck, as well as your arms, wrists and hands. The neck and back can be realigned, while the pain in the arms and extremities can often be reduced by targeting compressed nerves.

Boost Your Immune System

sick woman blowing nose

Your immune system is a key component in managing your health and well-being. With a weak immune system, you’re more likely to get sick and stay sick, while experiencing symptoms like fatigue regularly.

What many don’t realize is how connected our immunity is to our overall health. If something is off, your immune system can suffer. Booking regular appointments with your chiropractor can ensure your body is functioning how it should be while lowering your susceptibility to illness.

Get a better Night’s Sleep

having a restful sleep

Without a proper night’s sleep consistently, we’re opening ourselves up to a range of ailments. We become more tired during the day, cannot focus and more easily fall prey to illness. As a result, many people rely on medication to sleep.

One of the common reasons people aren’t able to get a night of quality sleep is a disruption in the body. Whether it be chronic pain, muscle soreness, headaches or neck pain, it’s enough to rob us of a good night’s sleep. Your chiropractor can relieve some of that tension in the body, improve blood flow and even eliminate pain in some cases, helping restore your body and your sleep.

De-Stress and Breathe Easy

pain in upper back

High blood pressure, otherwise known as hypertension, is an ailment that impacts almost a quarter of Canadian adults and even more Americans. There are many ways to develop hypertension – many of them related to lifestyle choices. But increased levels of stress can also make your blood pressure run high. Failing to address high blood pressure can result in more serious issues down the road, such as strokes and heart disease.

Working with a chiropractor, in many cases, you can actually stabilize your blood pressure to normal levels. You’d be surprised how much tension and stress is stored in your neck and back. Slight adjustments to your back and the vertebra in your neck can lower your blood pressure and bring your stress levels back down to normal.

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