5 Effective & Safe At-Home Pain Relief Methods (Doctor Recommended!)

Dr. Gagnon has put together a list of his tried, tested and highly recommended at-home pain relief methods – most of which we use in-clinic! Learn how to manage your pain safely and effectively today.

Unfortunately, for a lot of the patients we see, pain management is a daily struggle. While our chiropractic adjustments aim to treat the root cause of your pain, sometimes you may need relief in-between treatments – so we wanted to put together a list of at-home pain relief we swear by.

Whether you have a chronic condition, or you’re recovering from an injury, these at-home pain relief methods are effective, safe and medically backed. Let’s get into it!

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This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase items we recommend we may get a small commission. This does not change the price for you and we only recommend items and products we personally use in-clinic and/or see medical merit in.

If you would like to purchase any of these products in the clinic, feel free to stop by. Dr. Gagnon is happy to answer any questions you may have!

For those who prefer to shop online, make sure you check the supplier of the products. Unfortunately, some products (like the Theragun) may have knock-offs being sold – so make sure you’re purchasing from the official seller.

1. Theragun At-Home Massage Guns

Price: $199-$499

Rating: 5/5*s

Good For: Relaxing tight muscles and avoiding pain/cramps

Our first recommendation for professional-level pain relief is a Theragun at-home massage device.

What Is Theragun?

Dr. Jason created percussive therapy to increase blood flow and decrease tension deep within the muscle, using a scientifically-calibrated combination of speed and depth to treat your muscles comfortably by overriding the pain signals sent to the brain.

Source: Theragun.com
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There are multiple Theragun machines to fit your needs, depending on the features you need and your budget.

In-house, we use the Theragun Elite. (So if you’ve ever been treated to percussive therapy during your adjustment, you’re familiar with Theragun already!) However, those machines clock in at almost $500 – so we’ve included some of their more budget-friendly options below.

2. CryoDerm Pain Relief

Price: $20

Rating: 4/5*s

Good For: Short-term pain relief, quick pain relief, cheap and portable treatment

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For an inexpensive solution, we highly recommend CryoDerm cold therapy products. Not only are they affordable at only $20 – but they also come in gel, spray and roll-on versions to suit your preferences.

As CryoDerm is a medical product that has to be ordered directly from the supplier, it can be hard to find online. We do sell CryoDerm products in the clinic, so feel free to pop in and pick a bottle up. If you would like to reserve your stock, feel free to call ahead on 604-824-1004.

Struggling with on-going pain? Book an appointment at our clinic today! Dr. Gagnon specializes in chiropractic adjustments and cold-laser therapy.

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Which CryoDerm product do you recommend?

CryoDerm’s pain relief formula stays consistent across each product so, in terms of effectiveness, they’re all equally useful. However, the application process is definitely something to take into account!

The feedback we’ve had from patients is that the gel is quite messy and can be hard to get off your hands. (Although, it doesn’t leave a residue or stain your clothes.)

The spray is less messy and easy for on-the-go use. A factor to take into account may be whether the spray is accessible for you; if you struggle with your grip or hand dexterity, the roll-on may be easier to use.

3. Biofreeze Roll-On Gel

Price: $20

Rating: 4/5*s

Suitable For: Short-term pain relief, quick pain relief, cheap and portable treatment

BioFreeze offers similar pain relief to CryoDerm; however, their formulas are slightly different. We use and promote both products in-house – however, there are a few key differences to think about when deciding between the two.

  • CryoDerm products contain more menthol. Menthol is the ingredient that produces the cold sensation you get with these topical pain relievers. While Biofreeze’s formula has 4% menthol, CryoDerm’s boasts 10%.
  • Higher menthol concentration is usually more effective for pain relief but can act as an irritant to the skin. So, if you know your skin tends to be sensitive, this may be something to consider.
  • Reviewers have noted that Biofreeze reaches peak strength more quickly than CryoDerm; however, both last around 3 hours.

4. Cryotherapy

Price: $70-$5,000

Rating: 5/5*s

Good For: Post-operation recovery, post-injury recovery, relief from arthritic pain

We use the Game Ready Cryotherapy machine at the clinic; the rate for renting it out to patients is $500/month.

If you need professional-level at-home pain relief while you recovery from surgery or an injury, just let us know!
CryoTherapy review infographic

Cryotherapy is another highly effective pain treatment that you can utilize at home. Depending on your budget and the longevity of your treatment, there are many different options available.

For post-operation recovery, you could spend less on a cheaper option like the JnJ system that’s under $70 – or you could rent our Game Ready machine for a month.

If you suffer from chronic pain and find cryotherapy is an on- solution for you, the Breg Kodiak system boasts tons of happy customers and is a one-off cost of $325. (Breg Kodiak also has multiple fittings for different parts of your body.)

5. Over The Counter Painkillers

Our last addition to this list has to be standard over-the-counter painkillers! Used in combination with some of these other tools, OTC painkillers are a safe and effective way to manage pain.

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