About Dr. Andrew Gagnon, DC

Photo of Andrew Gagnon practicing Chiropractic services in Chilliwack BC

Dr. Andrew Gagnon is a graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College – Doctor of Chiropractic 1997. Dr. Gagnon’s experience includes over 20 years of active practice at Sardis Chiropractic as well as 15 years of multidisciplinary care at Canadian Back Institute (CBI). Over this period Dr. Gagnon has gained a wealth of clinical experience with regards to biomechanical and soft tissue injuries.

Dr. Gagnon is a Full Spine Specialist in Manual Medicine and is diversified in spinal manipulation techniques, as well as Myofascial Release Technique, Activator, and Soft Tissue Therapy. He has been certified in Low Intensity Laser Therapy (LILT) since 2010. His passion is to provide top quality manual therapy to Chilliwack residents and athletes of all calibers. He has found the combination of spinal manipulation and soft tissue therapy to be an effective answer to many troubling injuries.

Dr. Gagnon is professionally affiliated with the following chiropractic associations:

Chiropractic Association of Canada membership badge
Chiropractic Association of BC membership badge
Logo image for the RCCSS(C) Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences

Patient Testimonials

In my years of chiropractic care I’ve found in Dr. Andrew Gagnon a very knowledgeable caring and empathic practitioner. Who along with the massage element have kept my health from deteriorating… I suffer from an arthritic back and a dead sciatic nerve which has resulted in a drop foot and also a herniated disc. With regular visits I am pain free most of the time & take no pain medication. I can truly recommend this care & Dr. Gagnon. ~ B. Hennings

After having suffered cervical damage from a car accident, I was experiencing migraine headaches, almost on a daily basis. For 6 years, I had gone for numerous kinds of treatment, took pain medication regularly and was beginning to lose hope when I came under the care of Dr. Gagnon. Within several months not only were the headaches under control, I was beginning to reduce the pain medication as well. It has now been over 7 years since the accident. I rarely take medication and am back doing what I love the most: living life. ~ J. Richards

I have been a client of Andrew’s for a number of years now. I appreciate his knowledge, compassion and friendliness. I was new to the Chilliwack area when I needed a chiropractor. Following the suggestion of a friend, I called Andrew for a consultation. It is clear from the first visit; Andrew takes time to investigate the symptoms to diagnose the problem properly. Each time I’ve gone in for treatment, Andrew has taken the time to answer questions, offer observations, suggest additional exercises or activities I can do to increase mobility and decrease the pain. His approach is totally client centered and his compassionate nature frees you up to relax totally into the sometimes-painful treatments. I appreciate Andrew’s skills as chiropractor and highly recommend him to others. ~ K. Ball

Excellent chiropractor actually takes his time to listen and addresses the problem areas and is not the type to give you some unrealistic schedule. ~ Mike Stewart

I first went to Dr. Gagnon looking for help with back and neck problems and was referred to him by a friend. (I have been seeing a Chiropractor for over 35 years and had high expectations)… Andrew took his time to understand my problems and to not only provide treatment, but to also provided suggestions for making changes to my daily routines that would help to reduce further problems. Just recently I suffered a bad bout of vertigo that he worked with me on to resolve with excellent results. ~ M. Erickson

I have been a patient of Dr. Gagnon’s for over 2 years. He is an excellent professional chiropractor. I have been very pleased with the quick, positive and powerful changes that he has been able to provide to me. ~ K. Brown